Network Performance Management Solutions

What Our Latest Survey Reveals

Tim Allen
Network Performance Management

What’s trending in the networking arena this week? Network performance management (NPM) solutions. With how much traffic your network must support in today’s digital world, it’s absolutely critical to be able to efficiently monitor your infrastructure. Not only that, but you need a solution that provides actionable information and insight into the entire stack of services that are traversing your network. You need useful information, not just raw data that leaves you without insight into operational tasks in your environment. Does your solution meet that criteria? Do your peers’?

We’re taking a look at our recent TechPulse survey results on NPM solutions—we asked organizations like yours what kind of solutions they have in place, how satisfied with those solutions they are, and what they consider the most critical information their solutions provide. For example, 87% of organizations are satisfied with the amount of information they receive from their NPM solutions.

What else is important to your peers about their NPM solutions—and how does your organization’s measure up? Download the full survey results to learn more.

Tim is the Network Practice Director at Connection with more than 24 years of experience in network professional services and administration and operations. In his free time, Tim enjoys many outdoor activities, especially skiing and hiking.