MPSA Online Services At-a-Glance: Software Licensing Simplified

Josh Sutelman

The Microsoft Product and Services Agreement (MPSA) At-a-Glance allows customers to purchase not only licenses, but also License and Software Assurance (SA), and online services like O365 under one agreement – enabling a more elastic setup. One of the main draws to having all these license and subscription options in one place is having one agreement to manage and one site to view and review licenses. This site is called the Business Center, and in it customers have the ability to quickly provision subscription-based products like O365 – and instantly access them – all while having them co-term to the anniversary date. But wait, there’s more.

Redefine Your Organization’s Purchasing Structure

Customers can also work with a dedicated Account Manager to order licenses. Typically they can then access them in the O365 Admin Portal within 24-48 hours. The MPSA program enables fast, flexible, purchasing options – like upfront and annual options – to easily add any number of users and services at any time via Provision Services. Customers can choose from monthly (short term) and purchase subscriptions for the online services for less than 12 months and align it to the first Purchasing Account Anniversary. Imagine how useful this will be for organizations that want to buy licenses for short-term projects or who have a seasonal business!

Save Time and Money

Finally, multi-year subscriptions enable customers to purchase subscription to an online service and receive price protection for the duration of that subscription. Price protection shields customers from online service prices increases when making an incremental order. Orders for online services or package subscriptions are billed with full payment at the time of ordering, or in advance annual installments on the Purchasing Account Anniversary or order anniversary. Pricing for additional subscriptions are the same as the initial order, unless there is a more favourable promotion at the time of ordering. This is key when deciding between annual or upfront payments for these multi-year purchases. Additionally, if customers initially purchase a subscription for greater than one year, they will also benefit from a reduced online service price on incremental orders. What are you waiting for? The new MPSA is much simpler and has exactly what customers need now and in the future.

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