More Security Isn’t Always Better

Find Out Why with Our Latest Survey Results

Stephen Nardone

Do you know how many security solutions your organization currently has deployed? According to a survey we recently conducted with IDG, 80% of organizations use one to six vendors to meet their security needs. That says a lot about the challenges that top IT decision makers face when it comes to protecting their data, infrastructure, and users. To combat modern security threats and address multiple concerns, organizations often need multiple solutions. A successful security program must have strong defenses at the perimeter of the network as well as inside – all while delivering the visibility and manageability that IT requires. That’s a tall order for a single security platform to fill.

For many organizations trying to satisfy different – or even competing – priorities, the end result can be a piecemeal mix of security applications. This situation can create overlaps in coverage – or worse, gaps where no security solution is present. Our Security Suite Optimization services can help ensure your security tools function as part of one cohesive program – no matter which vendor solutions you choose to deploy. It’s a smart way to get the coverage you need from multiple security applications, without wasting resources or inadvertently leaving your organization open to attack.

TechPulse security infographic.