Mobility Readiness Survey

Can Your Infrastructure Support a Mobile Enterprise?

Stephen Nardone

Whether your organization encourages users to bring their own devices or issues corporate devices to maintain visibility and control over network access, you’ve embraced the mobile enterprise. Increasingly, today’s end users demand mobile access, and the enterprise is conforming to these demands. But can your infrastructure really support the mobile enterprise?

Accepting the changes in end-user behavior doesn’t necessarily mean that the enterprise has the infrastructure and skillsets in place to sustain the expanded network. Assessing your readiness from skillsets to security and everything in between will help you understand what you need to effectively become a mobile enterprise.

Answer these questions to determine your mobile readiness and start mapping out a plan of action to not only increase performance but also to mitigate security risks.

  1. Can the existing infrastructure support the additional mobile capacity demands?
  2. Do you need to boost performance?
  3. How efficient is the connectivity of your wireless?
  4. Do you have sufficient bandwidth capabilities?
  5. What security strategies are in place to protect the organization from a breach?
  6. What do you need to do in order to increase productivity?
  7. What is the quality of service in the current infrastructure?
  8. Who has (or should have) access to the different layers of our network?
  9. Are you properly segmenting the network in order to protect the crown jewels?
  10. What gaps in security and performance are we missing?

Taking this Mobile Readiness Survey will emphasize the existing strengths but also highlight the areas of weakness in your infrastructure. Using the results of this survey will guide the organization toward becoming a more efficient and secure mobile enterprise.