Mobility, Data, and Security in Healthcare

Take Endpoint Security to a New Level

Bill Virtue

Mobile productivity continues to be a rising demand in healthcare as doctors, nurses, medical students, and other healthcare professionals need access to patient data. And health organizations must also address the fact that many healthcare professionals want to use their own devices to access this data. To balance mobile device productivity with patient privacy, endpoint security and compliance are critical for every healthcare organization.

But challenges abound, and the diverse mix of mobility solutions and access scenarios make managing and securing patient data more complex than ever before. It’s vital that healthcare organizations find a way to secure endpoint devices and the data on them, while embracing computing trends like BYOD, sharing data in public cloud services, and workforce mobility.

Connection and Dell can help you balance mobile device productivity with patient privacy and take endpoint security to a new level with Dell Data Protection | Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise:

  • Advanced Threat Prevention – Revolutionary advanced threat prevention offers unparalleled efficacy against zero-day threats, advanced persistent threats and commodity malware. In fact, testing shows that protection is 99% effective versus an average of 50% for traditional anti-virus.
  • Encryption – Protect information on any device and in the cloud with data-centric, policy based endpoint encryption.
  • Advanced Authentication – A foundational element of your security architecture, security tools facilitate the use of multiple factors to improve authentication security.

Empower caregivers with a secure mobile IT environment, enabling the highest levels of patient care while keeping sensitive data safe.

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