Microsoft Surface Laptop: A Student’s Perspective

Contributing Writer

Throughout the school year, it can be difficult to get excited about school and remain inspired to perform at your highest level. As a college student, finding the balance between focus and fun is a fine art that only gets accomplished with the right support system. If you’ve ever experienced writer’s block, struggled with a PowerPoint presentation, or just been plain bored of staring at your computer, it might be time to change your system. Having a device that complements your daily needs and feeds your inner nerd will be sure to get the creativity flowing and the A’s rolling. It’s time to get your inspiration and passion back for your education, and the Microsoft Surface Laptop will do just that!

Meet Your Educational Demands and Beyond

Whether it’s the beginning of the year, or the first day back after a long break, it’s easy to dread the back-to-school lifestyle. If there’s one thing that can get you back on track with little to no time, it’s a compatible, fast-acting device that can meet all your demands in every way possible. The Microsoft Surface laptop gave me all the things I needed to accomplish these things and more. Not only did the sleek design make it nearly weightless as I walked around campus, but it also grabbed peoples’ attention and had them asking, “What laptop is that?” The track pad is the perfect amount of sensitivity, and makes highlighting and selecting, or copying and pasting content as easy as can be. The size of the keyboard makes writing papers not only doable, but also enjoyable, mostly due to the feel and size of the keys that make it easy to glide across as you type. In terms of the touchscreen, there are no latency issues or inaccurate touches, which makes highlighting any online textbook your new go-to study move. Never have I ever experienced such a universal laptop that practically transforms into any device I need it to.

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Achieve More with Style

The Surface Laptop has surpassed all my expectations with flying colors. The fast-acting capabilities and comfortable design helped me complete work in a timely manner, deliver quality and innovate assignments, all while looking good! What they say is right; when you look good, you feel good, and the Surface Laptop has made school feel better than ever!