Microsoft Licensing Optimization Concierge Services: How Can We Help You?

We Cover the Fundamentals and More

Lane Shelton

All Microsoft investments require constant care and feeding, ensuring ongoing cost-efficiency and relevance to the evolving needs of today’s computing environments. Our software gurus got together, interviewed many customers in all industries and sizes, and determined that there are nine fundamental care and feeding activities that every Microsoft customer needs.
That’s our Microsoft Licensing Optimization (MLO) Concierge Services program – assurance that these nine activities are covered throughout the life of the agreement. We do a lot more than nine things, of course, but Concierge Services is about the fundamentals – because if you don’t have the fundamentals down, the rest is just paint without a canvas. Learn more about MLO in What’s Your Microsoft Licensing Strategy? and The Microsoft Licensing Optimization Process in Four Signature Steps.