A Meeting of the Security-Minded

Bill Virtue
A Meeting of the Security-Minded

Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) is a not-for-profit, international organization of information security professionals and practitioners. It provides educational forums, publications, and peer interaction opportunities that enhance the knowledge, skill, and professional growth of its members.

Some time ago, a small group of us would travel from New Hampshire to the Boston area to attend monthly ISSA meetings. These were always well attended by local security professionals from other businesses, and typically had a guest speaker who would deliver some agnostic presentation on a specific security technology. It was a great venue, and an opportunity to discuss the latest security technologies with other security professionals.

In May of 2006—with the help of Candy Alexander, a local NH resident, distinguished ISSA member, and our current ISSA International President—we established the ISSA New Hampshire chapter.

Joining ISSA New Hampshire is a fantastic way to meet top security talent in the local area who share similar work experiences. It’s also an opportunity to increase your overall cyber security knowledge. Our New Hampshire chapter membership continues to grow—we currently have around 50 members—and we welcome members and their guests at each meeting.

ISSA New Hampshire meets monthly in Portsmouth at Great Bay Community College. We host a Summer and Winter social event at a local restaurant somewhere near the seacoast. Also, we hold our meetings with SEA-TUG, a technical user group in Portsmouth made up of system administrators, network engineers, and IT consultants. SEA-TUG has over 300 members, so we always have a good turnout each month.

Some Recent Discussions:

  • Detecting Attack Techniques, Such as Lateral Movement, Using Admin Shares
    Presented by Professor Oleg Kolesnikov, Director, Securonix
  • Ransomware: What are the New Tactics?
    Presented by Jeff Stutzman, Chief Intelligence Officer, Wapack Labs
  • Reconstructing a Cyber Crime
    Presented by Doug Burks, CEO, The Security OnionISSA New Hampshire welcomes speakers and sponsors. If you’d like an opportunity to get in front of the group and discuss your favorite security technology, reach out and we can get you on the schedule. Or come as a guest and sit in on a discussion to see if it’s something that interests you. If it is, then join us today. For more information on ISSA New Hampshire, visit www.issanh.org or contact me directly at William.virtue@connection.com or bvirtue@issanh.org.

Security should be everyone’s concern. Connection is doing its part to raise awareness by supporting everything from local grassroots movements to national campaigns that aim at keeping users safe and data secure.

Bill is a Senior Systems Engineer at Connection with over 30 years of experience in Networking Solutions, Information Security, and Identity Management. Bill is a founding member of the ISSA NH chapter dedicated to promoting Information Security within the business community. Bill is also a US Navy veteran and held Operations Management positions within the Atlantic Fleet. Bill has broad knowledge in the Security and Compliance space and has consulted on large scale enterprise deployments and security projects and contributed to many technical articles and technology white papers. When he has free time, Bill enjoys catching up with family and friends and riding his Harley Davidson.