Master the Modern Application Lifecycle

Real-Time Application Delivery and Lifecycle Management with VMware

Tony Dancona

Want to defeat the rising cost of PC management, solve application management problems, and allow your customers to easily create a stateless desktop that equates to a great end-user experience? VMware’s App Volumes and ThinApp are the perfect applications to help you do all this and more.

Connection and VMware have been working together to solve your challenges. Read on to discover how VMware App Volumes, ThinApp, and RDS (remote desktop services) hosted apps can:

  • Eliminate application conflict
  • Improve enterprise entitlement
  • Diminish time to deployment
  • Deliver a great user experience

Let me explain how these great VMware products let you quickly deliver a user-friendly desktop.

Application Isolation and Operating System Compatibility Issues Solved

Applications and data are traditionally tightly coupled with the operating system (OS). This sometimes causes application compatibility issues, and leads to a loss of user productivity. Enter VMware ThinApp. ThinApp uses an agentless approach to virtualizing applications. The virtualized applications do not make any changes to the underlying operating system and execute across different configurations to remain compatible across the virtual workspace. This means a more consistent end-user experiences, and easier provisioning, patching, and updating for applications and images.

Easy Provisioning of RDS hosted Apps

VMware Horizon provides for integrated delivery of applications and full desktops running on Microsoft Windows remote desktop services hosts, for applications that work well in with that technology. It provides seamless access to Windows app from mobile devices as well as standard thin or zero clients. Improve the functionality of RDSH by using the standard Horizon Client with the robust PC-over-IP (PCoIP) transport for a great user experience.

Real-Time App Delivery and Lifecycle Management to Virtual and Physical Environments

A traditional virtual machine (VM) contains an OS, applications, and data/files. All these components rely on one another and are tightly coupled together, necessarily extending app delivery. The great news is that App Volumes can deliver applications to desktop environments in seconds. App Volumes helps provide a just-in-time application model where it attaches a virtual machine disk (VMDK) file that contains applications to the VM. These applications perform like natively installed applications for end users, providing a seamless desktop experience. Create different app stacks for different user groups with the right set of apps just for them. You can also concur the user installed app dilemma with writeable app stacks. If you give the user rights to install their own applications, they will go into a personal writeable app stack that is also attached when the user logs into their desktop.

Pick the Application Method(s) that are Best for Your Environment

Customers want a consistent, connected, personalized, and efficient experience throughout all phases of the customer lifecycle. App Volumes, ThinApp, and RDSH apps are terrific products that can help you easily deliver applications to users within seconds. We’ve seen numerous successes of organizations using these VMware products to eliminate application conflict and decrease application deployment time, enabling an exceptional virtual end user experience. Let Connection and VMware help you master the modern application lifecycle and enable a consistently great user experience across devices.