Managing the 4 Pillars of Global Procurement

People, Process, Technology, and Supply Chain

Jamal Khan

Organizations with a global presence face multiple challenges when attempting to streamline their international procurement. Managing the “4 pillars” of global procurement – people, process, technology, and supply chain – is crucial for ensuring a global approach to standardizing technology infrastructure for the enterprise.

For example, logistics must be carefully managed to ensure consistent delivery of required technologies to each location. But customs inspections, missing paperwork, and local regulatory requirements can often lead to delayed product deliveries. Similarly, locating a reliable supplier in a foreign country can be an extremely challenging endeavor, particularly for growing companies that are simultaneously opening new facilities in multiple regions of the world.

Growth strategies also influence global procurement policies. Mergers and acquisitions can strain supply chains and lead to the creation of a complicated web of vendors that need to be efficiently managed. As a result of M&A activities, companies often purchase redundant technologies, stray from corporate technology standards, pay inflated prices for goods and services, and fail to capitalize on opportunities to better control costs in each location.

Instead, organizations can work with a trusted resource for managing global procurement, which becomes particularly difficult when you are branching out into several locations around the world. But when managing international procurement, it still boils down to leveraging people, process, technology, and your supply chain.

Delivering global solutions for more than 16 years, Connection has some of the most knowledgeable and experienced experts on our team. We understand the complexities of global logistics and supply chain management. For example, to circumvent challenges with languages and currencies, our Supplier Management Team manages all vendors in country – so you don’t have to worry about anything getting lost in translation. Our Service Delivery Management Team drives an organization’s global needs on an operational level, and our Technology Team is dedicated to building and innovating our GlobalServe Technology Platform.

Our digital GlobalServe solution is powered by automation, enabling billions of transaction dollars to seamlessly traverse our systems and processes. Whether we are onboarding a new customer or supplier or escalating a transaction, we are dedicated to efficiency and speed through global procurement practices.

Connection’s GlobalServe solution lets you capture full discount levels that are difficult or impossible to otherwise obtain. Our solution runs on patented technology, enabling clients to purchase products from multiple OEMs in multiple currencies. Our technology makes it easy to add new equipment to a catalog, manage vendors, and normalize the transaction flow in an automated fashion – regardless of geography and currency.

Supply Chain
Connection has more than a decade of experience contracting with over 500 suppliers in more than 174 countries. We have contracts and services agreements in place in countries throughout the word, and can swiftly integrate clients into our existing supply chains to streamline procurement worldwide.

To find out how Connection can help you benefit from efficient management of the four pillars of global procurement, learn about our Global Services and watch our video to discover how Connection is dedicated to global procurement excellence.

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