Keeping IT Simple

Mobile Collaboration Doesn’t Have to Be So Complicated

Tim Allen

“Elegant code” is the ultimate compliment for a programmer. It means the work is as clean and simple as it can be. Only that which is absolutely necessary is used, and as a result it diminishes the chance of a bug slipping in.

Much the same, reduced complexity is key to any enterprise mobile device strategy. To get your employees to use their personal or company-issued mobile devices in a secure way, just make it easier for them to do.

Here are a few simple steps you can take to build a secure mobile strategy for your enterprise that’s both effective and easy on your employees.

Step One: Have a use policy that is as brief and easy to understand as you can possibly make it. Anyone should be able to read it and immediately understand what they are personally responsible for and what the consequence will be if they don’t hold up their end.

For example, end users should be responsible for backing up data and retain responsibility for any lost data that isn’t backed up. Also, clarify who is responsible for device maintenance and what actions can result in an instant loss of BYOD privileges.

Step Two: No one should be able to use any personal device for work unless it has a passcode. It’s estimated that just about half of all Americans do not have a passcode set on their phone or tablet today. This straightforward requirement will radically improve security for both the company and the employee.

Step Three: All BYOD devices should be subscribed to a tracking/remote-wipe service. This service, often part of a mobile device management software package, gives peace of mind to both the employee and the IT department.

Location services will let you find the device on a map, sound an alarm that makes it easier to find when you are near it, and even lock or wipe it if it can’t be recovered. The service is very popular with employees who can now easily find a phone that has been swallowed by couch cushions.

A cloud-based system can help implement a lot of protocols in a way that is simple to manage and requires little effort from employees. Having everyone connected to the same corporate cloud means everyone is protected by the same network restrictions no matter if the employee is at their desk, stuck in O’Hare Airport, or working from home in their pajamas.

Whether your requirements are small or large, there’s an elegant solution to be found. We can find the perfect products and services for your unique mobile environment with custom configuration, imaging, delivery, and enhanced security solutions. Click here and let one of our experts help guide you along the way.