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Take a Look at the New Microsoft Equation

Lane Shelton

It’s true; Office 365 represents a seismic shift in how Microsoft delivers the productivity stack. What’s more, it brings huge changes in how we consume that stack. This new equation holds a great deal of promise: a workforce that seamlessly collaborates across devices and applications, using a suite of tools to communicate, share ideas, execute strategies, and measure results faster than ever before. Okay, maybe even share some cute puppy photos. Who can resist? It’s hard to resist this latest recipe from Microsoft as well. Read on to find out what you think you know, and don’t know, but should.

Office 365 is Microsoft’s vision for creating a new work experience where technology is a key empowering ingredient rather than a limitation; it’s about breaking down technology barriers that have tripped us up and slowed us down in the past. Like those cool Microsoft commercials on TV? So do I, and it’s a great portrayal of how our digital work-life should be.

Realizing that vision takes some work – and harder work than we sometimes care to admit. Office 365 is a different licensing model, a different deployment model, and a different management model. It’s a lot of new stuff that must be mixed properly to get the right results. A far cry from the 3-step box cake recipe. So where do you begin?

How do you orient on the task at hand and find the best path forward? That’s where our Office 365 Readiness Assessment can help. We’ve built an online assessment that is not only about finding the right answers, but also asking the right questions. We’ll walk you through all the things you need to start thinking about, and ask you questions that will help you start down the path. Then once you’re finished with the assessment, one of our Microsoft experts will reach out to collaborate. We’ll help you take the next steps and turn that data into action. We’ll even give you a free copy of the book we wrote that provides practical guidance on how to get started. It all begins here – take our assessment, and you’re one step closer to making this new productivity vision a reality.

If you’re thinking about Office 365, we recommend taking our Office 365 Online Readiness Assessment. This template was designed by our experts to answer your question: “Is my organization ready for Office 365?”