Is It Time to Turn to DaaS?

Improve Cost Predictability with Device as a Service

Richard Emil

Ensuring predictable IT operating costs is a challenge facing many organizations, and Device as a Service (DaaS) offerings are allowing organizations to simplify day-to-day end-user computing operations.

DaaS is a creative financing solution that combines hardware, software, and managed services into a bundled solution with per-device, per-month cost certainty. It is potentially an ideal solution for your IT needs if you are wrestling with managing daily end-user computing, ensuring the proper use of internal computing resources, and controlling the costs of end-user computing.

By combining hardware, software, and services into a single contract with one monthly payment, organizations can improve cash flow, preserve capital, and manage a predictable and consistent technology expense.

Moving to a Device-as-a-Service Approach

At Connection, our approach to Device as a Service is focused on understanding your requirements and building the optimum solution for the needs of your end users. We can help you select hardware and software and then add OEM services, cloud services, and support services that will meet the needs of your organization.

It’s important to evaluate various IT functions so you can determine what should be outsourced, what technologies can remain on premises, and how the entire Device-as-a-Service process will occur for your company. By helping you define every affected business and technical process, our team of experts will clearly determine individual roles and responsibilities and build a comprehensive managed service proposal. Additionally, we will provide weekly, monthly, and quarterly reviews depending on your requirements so you can efficiently track and manage ongoing operations.

Refocus Internal Resources

Our DaaS solution lets you focus on strategic IT initiatives and refocus your internal resources. We can help reduce and control operating costs while alleviating co-employment issues and creating improved career paths for your IT personnel.

Shift from CapEx to OpEx Spending

By moving to a DaaS model you can shift from a CapEx-based spending model of purchasing hardware to an OpEx spending model of provisioning hardware as a part of a managed service. By working with Connection, you can also benefit from cost stabilities built into your DaaS contract. With changes coming to accounting rules (Financial Accounting Standards Board) in 2018, many organizations are changing leasing structures to Device as a Service to ensure compliance.

Instead of having to trying to forecast your future technology needs, we build upgrades right into our service agreement. This approach creates a new, more flexible means of upgrading your equipment. By provisioning your hardware and software as a managed service, you will be better equipped to manage IT expenses and benefit from greater cost predictability for IT operations. The enterprise can better predict and control IT expenses by relying on a fixed monthly cost per device.


Next Steps

Our project management teams will provide you with the best deals on hardware, recommend the right platforms, and effectively build and manage a Device-as-a-Service solution that helps you drive down your end user IT costs to a fixed monthly expense. For additional information, visit our DaaS page and download our DaaS brochure, and read further about our other IT Lifecycle Services.