iOS 8 Is Open for Business

New Release, New Features, New Paths to Success

Contributing Writer

Here’s a riddle. What do the Apple® iPad®, iPod® Touch, and iPhone® have in common with your workplace? The answer? iOS® 8. With a whopping 56% install rate on compatible devices* since it became available approximately 2 months ago (it’s December 13rd 2014 as I write this), it’s pretty safe to assume someone working nearby has a device using iOS 8 at their desk.

Imagine, if you will, what that adoption number means for a moment. There are literally millions of iOS 8 compatible devices out there. And over half of those chose to upgrade – that’s almost a full 20%* over iOS 7 and in just 2 months!

So, what makes iOS 8 great? Well, there are countless new features, but for businesses and organizations the list can all be boiled down to three big topics:

• Stronger security

• New productivity features
• Better data and device management tools

This is huge for businesses of all types. I think we all know that iPhone and iPad are quickly becoming devices of choice at work, because they’re also devices of choice in daily life. So the more features that Apple can bring to the work place, the better. For instance, you can now encrypt individual messages, calendar, and contacts. This keeps all your sensitive information safe, and it comes built in.

Speaking of calendars and contacts, iOS 8 has refined these features, making it easier to remember that you have an upcoming meeting. It also lets you schedule them easily and email the recipients you invite to a specific event. And, lastly, MDM (mobile device management for the uninitiated) has integrated support, allowing your IT team to keep your device (or devices) fine-tuned for success.

Best of all, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Take a listen to a recent Connect with Experts podcast where I review a best practices “checklist” that will help get you ready for iOS 8. I also talk about the enterprise-grade technologies found in iOS that are now even more powerful in iOS 8.

And when you’re ready, our accredited Apple Team and Mobility Team is always here to help you gain additional value from your iOS 8 experience through our services. This allows you to customize your experience beyond the box with our laser engraving, asset tagging, kitting, and provisioning services.

*Whitney, Lance (November 12, 2014). “Trudge report: iOS 8 climbs to 56% adoption rate”. CNET.