Introducing Windows 10 S

5 Features that Spell Success

Penny Conway

It’s finally here – an operating system from Microsoft built for students and educators, targeted to compete directly against the popular Chrome OS. Windows 10 S can be considered the Soul of Windows 10, it is a specific configuration of the Pro OS that is streamlined for security and performance.

I think Windows 10 S is perfectly poised to shake up education. Here are the five reasons why:

Security – Windows 10 S only allows Windows Store Apps to be downloaded, this locked approach eliminates the risk of malware, keeping devices clean and preventing students from downloading harmful viruses.

Speed – The new OS demonstrated a faster startup over Windows 10 Pro, allowing more time for teaching and learning. It promises that startup is as fast on the last day of school as it was the first.

Setup – The Set Up School PCs app simplifies the setup process for IT admins with a simple USB drive plug-in. A K–12 district in Colorado reported being able to configure 600 new devices using 30 USB drives in a single day.

Student Devices – Manufacturers have already announced devices, starting at $189, to be equipped with Windows 10 S, and schools currently running Windows 10 Pro will receive Windows 10 S for FREE. Students also receive Microsoft Office 365 for Education FREE, with the new Microsoft Teams.

STEM – In addition to the wide variety of STEM/STEAM apps available, Microsoft is providing a FREE subscription to Minecraft: Education Edition on new Windows 10 S PCs. Updates to Minecraft will include a code builder that is Java Script enabled. You can download code builder beta today.

Windows 10 S will be available summer 2017. This comes at the perfect time for those schools looking to continue their 1:1 programs using the newest education OS or those looking at a device refresh.

Ready to decide if Windows 10 S is the right solution for your school? Our Microsoft experts are here to help.