Inside Look: Connection Sales Department


Interested in becoming a Connection employee? You’ve come to the right place. Follow our “Inside Look” series to learn what’s it like to work at different departments in our organization. You will learn about current open positions and hear from our department leaders what they look for in candidates during the interview process. This month, we would like to feature our Sales department.

What’s it like to work in Connection’s Sales department?

We offer a fast-paced environment for someone who is looking to reach their full potential. There’s also plenty of support available in the department—and the company—to help you succeed at providing your customers the best solutions. This environment really allows you to create relationships with customers that can last the span of your career at Connection.

What is the structure of the department?

First of all, we have three Sales organizations, Business Solutions, Public Sector Solutions, and Enterprise Solutions. Business Solutions works small- to medium-sized businesses, Public Sector services government and education, and our Enterprise Solutions team works with large businesses. In all three of our organizations, the Sales department is a full open-door policy. From the President of Sales to a new hire, we’re all in it together to support our customers. If you have a problem that needs to be fixed everyone will get in the weeds to help.

What are the relationships between Sales and other areas of the company?

We have great relationships with other departments. Connection is a true family mentality, with everyone working together to help our customers. There is a level of comfort and support that comes with each department, whether it’s Marketing, Product Management, IT, Finance, or Facilities.

Sales is hiring. What kinds of personalities mesh best within the company?

There is no perfect makeup to being a successful Account Manager. We’re looking for people who are motivated and driven to support a customer in any situation, with a willingness to collaborate with other peers to find the right solution. We’ve had so many people come from different paths—from construction, photography, retail, etc.—who’ve grown to be top tier Account Managers.

What are the most important qualities someone needs to succeed in your department?

We look for people who are self-motivated and driven. The technology knowledge can always be learned. We want you to want to succeed and grow.

What does it take to be successful in your department and at Connection?

Knowing who to turn to for answers to customer questions is a huge part of being successful in Sales. We’re effective most when we collaborate with others to make sure our solution to a customer’s problem is ironclad. And it takes a great quarterback in an Account Manager to lead the process, but also a great team around them to help finish the job.

If someone reading this was coming to interview tomorrow for a role in Sales, what interview tips would you give them? 

Be authentic. We want the person you are in the interview to be the person who shows up in the position. Do research on our organization and the role itself so you can have a constructive conversation about the opportunity. Be curious and inquisitive—be sure to ask questions of your own. It also helps to project confidence; it’s important that our customers can put their faith in our people. 

What can new hires expect from joining the Sales department?

They can expect a ton of training and a ton of support. Your tenure starts with a well-designed training and enablement curriculum that provides a sound foundation of knowledge to build from. Your sales leadership will support you along the way with coaching sessions for individualized development of your sales skills and business development in an effort to help you succeed. You’ll be part of a team where everyone will be rooting for your success.

Why Connection?

The amount of help and support you receive is unlike any other sales company. We are invested in our people’s success. Also, there is so much earning and growth potential here! 

We offer the opportunity to help others and grow to reach your full potential in the world of technology. Plus, we promise you’ll never be bored, because every day, there’s a new situation or challenge to solve. You get to run your own book of business on a collaborative team, and your decisions can help your customers grow exponentially.

If the insights you have gained about our exceptional sales department have ignited your interest and sparked a desire to be part of our team, we invite you to explore all our current open positions. Discover the perfect opportunity that aligns with your skills and aspirations. Take the next step and explore our open positions today.