Indoor/Outdoor Gunshot Detection

Steve Zitney

The world as we know it has become increasingly volatile. Recently, there have been a barrage of violent events, including mass shootings, that have spurred law enforcement and other first responders to put safeguards in place to mitigate and resolve critical events quickly and efficiently. To do this, it is critical to rethink your environment and how you are going to incorporate safeguards to protect responding agencies. 

As communities begin to think about how best to bring employees back to work and the classroom, the question becomes how to ensure everyone’s safety. How do communities better equip first-responder teams with the tools they need to react to critical events? The answer is simple: AmberBox Indoor/Outdoor Gunshot Detection and Alerting Systems. 

Protecting Life through Instant Response Technology

AmberBox has a rich history of helping bring peace of mind to various state and local communities throughout the nation. With a lightning-fast gunshot detection and alerting platform, the AmberBox solution is admired and widely embraced by community leaders and law enforcement organizations, as it works to better serve and protect both victims and first responders in their most critical time of need. The AmberBox solution notifies first responders in a staggering 3.6 seconds of the first gunshot. As a result, first responders can react in the safest and fastest manner possible. 

Through machine-learning algorithms, first responders are able to obtain various valuable pieces of intelligence, including the type of firearm being used, the number of shooters, and the direction of travel through a specific structure. All of these things make an imperative difference in the way tactical teams can respond to and neutralize a critical event. 

Additionally, this information is automatically communicated with dispatch and law enforcement special response teams to allow for administrative decision makers, tactical teams, and emergency medical service teams to seamlessly communicate and work together to determine how best to respond in a fluid, effective manner. 

With installation and deployment as easy as plugging these devices into nearby access points, AmberBox Gunshot Detection is a must-have solution for any community looking to protect citizens. 

The Best Protection When Seconds Count

Trust the experts at Connection and AmberBox to reaffirm your oath to your community that you are doing your part to keep everyone’s wellbeing in mind. For more information about strengthening your organization’s security and protecting lives, contact an Account Manager today!

Steve Zitney is Connection’s State and Local Vertical Alliance Manager. In this role, Steve works with State and Local agencies across the country to help develop and implement technology solutions to promote their growth. As a former Corrections Officer with the Clinton County, OH Adult Detention Center and as a Deputy Sheriff within the Road Patrol Division of the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office, Steve is uniquely positioned to understand the IT culture and environment of our Public Safety / State and Local customers. Steve has completed the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission (OPOTC / Police Academy) and obtained his OPOTC Certification, in addition to two Associates Degrees: Criminal Justice—Law Enforcement and Private Security—Asset Protection and Loss Prevention. When he’s not working, Steve enjoys watching football, playing music, and spending time with his fiancée, dog, and cat.