Implement Mobile Device Security

Stay Secure While Staying Productive

Stephen Nardone

The mobile revolution has essentially handed responsibility for device management and security to your users. This may sound terrifying, but it doesn’t have to be. As long as you have a solid mobile device security strategy that is based on best practices and implemented consistently across the enterprise, you can successfully combat the risk involved in enabling mobile productivity.

But a successful mobile device security strategy can be a major challenge to design and implement, particularly for organizations that do not have an enterprise-wide mobile device security program already in place.

CSO Online recently noted that, “Security risks and data breaches are growing while the form factors of computing devices shrink – because much enterprise data today is created and consumed on mobile devices. This clearly explains why mobile security persistently tops the list of most pressing enterprise security concerns.”

Whether you are issuing company-owned mobile devices or providing employees with a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) program, you need a strategy to secure mobile devices from multiple manufacturers.

Designing and implementing role-based access is crucial, because it allows IT to efficiently support policy-based access to secure enterprise applications and resources. Ensuring the mobile device security program can be efficiently and cost-effectively managed is also essential, since it allows the enterprise to automate many of the complex workflows essential for sustaining a security strategy over time.

Connection Mobility Practice experts can help you extend your on-premises IT infrastructures to secure mobile devices. We ensure the necessary network infrastructure is in place and then secure the data on each device to prohibit unacceptable security risks to your organization.

We recommend that organizations employ Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions to address these concerns, layered with the additional protection of security controls. Sound MDM solutions enable IT to offer the capability to connect devices to the network, and allow you to manage the applications and data in a way that is consistent with your organizational objectives and policies.

Our mobility experts collaborate with IT to identify your security concerns and then help you tune your MDM solution to address them, through our Mobile Device Security program.

We can also add layers of security to your mobile devices. For example, we can help you implement multi-factor authentication to limit access to authorized users. We are committed to helping you design and deploy an effective mobile security architecture for your organization.

Then we use this information to design a mobile solution that is responsive to your organization’s needs and your desired level of acceptable risk. For more information, learn more about the offerings of our Mobility Practice or fill out this brief information request form and we’ll reach out to you to discuss how our mobile security experts can help you securely deploy mobile devices throughout your enterprise.