HP Education Edition PCs Are Built for Students and Classrooms


Here at Connection, we take education very seriously. We aim to stimulate student learning with modern technology, and transform the traditional teaching environment into a 21st century classroom with no boundaries. Connection and HP—a partnership of over 30 years—are here to help transform your classroom to help prepare America’s youth for the demands of tomorrow’s workforce. By designing the right product set, powered by Intel running on Windows 10, HP and Connection can ensure that you are receiving the best products built for schools and designed for learning.

HP gathered feedback from thousands of teachers, students, and school administrators to create the Education Editions (“EE”). To make the grade as an “EE,” devices need to meet rigorous testing requirements in four key areas: toughened chassis, long battery life, available premium 2×2 wireless, and embedded tools for teaching and learning. HP Education Editions have been designed for learning with innovative tools to enhance instruction, engagement, and active educational use. Built to withstand the mobile, project-based world of modern learning, these notebooks are made to resist damage from drops, spills, and shocks. Each HP Education Edition is designed and built for highly mobile, blended learning environments to enable anytime, anywhere creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking.

HP Education Edition products include HP School Pack 2.5 to support active learning and flexible connectivity to expand education outside the classroom. HP School Pack is an out-of-the-box solution of digital tools and content, designed for collaborative, engaging, and personalized learning—all while minimizing costs. These digital tools are used to support learning in the classroom with solutions around coding and labs—as well as management from the teacher’s/tutor’s perspective from interacting and monitoring students’ behavior to managing classroom systems and building curriculum plans. Teachers everywhere can rejoice as this intuitive solution comes preinstalled exclusively on Windows 10 Education Edition devices at no additional cost and can also be purchased separately for other devices.

Microsoft 365 Education Cloud License—A Single, Affordable Solution

We’re introducing the newest cloud licensing platform through an easy-to-use, self-service portal—supported 24×7 by us at Connection—that lets you buy 1 or 1,000+ licenses, with no large traditional volume licensing limitations. Microsoft 365 licenses include Office 365 Education, Windows 10, and InTune for Education—which allows you to set up HP EE devices in about an hour and provide a simple way to manage policies, apps, and settings for all classrooms.

Today’s schools have diverse needs. Connection and HP continue to apply their extensive knowledge of educational technology to help educators compete in these innovative times. Our solutions provide students a safe learning environment, with access to core content and open collaboration between teachers and peers. Educators are empowered to create meaningful learning experiences, inspire creativity, and promote critical thinking leading to better student outcomes. Learn more