Host Microsoft Teams Meetings Like A Rockstar

Contributing Writer

Have you ever walked into a meeting room and purposefully avoided sitting next to the multiple remote controls on the table for fear you’d have to be the one that starts the meeting? Or waited and waited on the other end of a call until you receive frantic instant messages from the host who seems to be having technical difficulty starting the meeting? Or even worse—you can’t figure out how to fix that dreaded Willy-Wonka-Oompa-Loompa tone to your otherwise clear complexion? Do any of these sound familiar? If you answered yes to any of the above, you are not alone friend!  

All Eyes on You

Video conferencing can be intimidating when the tools provided do not deliver a desirable user experience. Even worse, the estimated annual cost of unproductive meetings is more than $37 billion. Since audio-only meetings won’t cut it in today’s workplace, we need simplistic video collaboration solutions to humanize calls, allowing meeting participants to clearly see and hear the people we are working with. So there must be better solutions available to video enable cloud-based technologies like Microsoft Teams, right? The answer is yes!

Thanks to a strategic partnership with Microsoft, Logitech offers video collaboration solutions that provide organizations with a portfolio of USB, plug-and-play solutions. Not only are Logitech solutions easy to use, with features that enable one-touch join, but they also come with features specific to Microsoft. From certified products for Cortana and Windows Hello to pre-configured Microsoft Teams Rooms, Logitech has video collaboration solutions for personal workspaces to meeting rooms. Take a look at this handy infographic that highlights how an organization gets the most out of Microsoft Teams with Logitech.

Take Conferencing to the Next Level

Connection is here to help your organization enable a video-first strategy for Microsoft Teams to transform teamwork with easy-to-use video collaboration solutions. Connection partners with Logitech to offer simple, plug-and-play solutions to help geographically distributed organizations quickly and effectively adapt to today’s new way of working. Connect with your Connection Account Manager to learn about trial offers and demonstrations.