Healthcare IT Security Threats

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It’s increasingly common to hear about a healthcare organization that has been a victim of a cyber attack or discovers a massive data breach, putting their patient’s personal health information at risk. Health data is extremely valuable, making the healthcare industry a popular target and exposing facilities to constant attacks. As a result, cyber security is one of the highest priorities today for healthcare organizations and IT departments and the threat landscape is constantly changing.

Healthcare organizations must prepare themselves and fully understand their risks. They need an accurate picture of the security risk profile for the assets, applications, and services they manage, as well as the proper hardware to support their needs. One of the best defenses is to make sure your infrastructure is protected and minimize the opportunity for hackers to compromise your healthcare data.

Fortinet Security Solutions for the healthcare industry guard specific technologies rich with health data, in addition to protecting against traditional cyber attacks and other malicious software. Whether protecting against malware, securing connected technology, or guarding home-based medical devices – Fortinet has a solution to safeguard your critical health data. The big picture of data security is incredibly complicated, but healthcare organizations can trust the Connection family of companies and Fortinet Security Solutions to keep their data private and secure.

Listen to our podcast where Ryan Witt, Vice President and Managing Director, Healthcare Industry Practice discusses how Fortinet is investing in the healthcare industry with layers of protection to shield sensitive patient data. Discover how Fortinet Security Solutions – with Unified Threat Management and internal segmentation firewalls, help solve deep, complex, network security problems prevalent in healthcare organization’s today.

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