Get Started on Your BYOD Strategy with the Right Partner

Connection Can See You All the Way Through

Stephen Nardone

If you’re on the path to implementing a BYOD strategy, you need to be aware of how it’s going to change your environment. The impact on your organization can vary from very minor changes to your IT environment all the way to strategic changes, which could require core infrastructure upgrades. In addition, the complexity of BYOD strategies can run the gamut from minor changes and a straightforward implementation in smaller organizations that just need basic user access, to the highest levels of security – for example, in government agencies. Determining and understanding the impacts of a BYOD strategy on your infrastructure can be complex, and that’s where forming the right partnership with an experienced IT provider comes in. Read on for more information about the value of working with a partner to put your BYOD policies in place.

You’re probably aware now that to start your BYOD implementation, you’ll need a mobile device management (MDM) tool. But what about other services, such as application or integration services? Sitting down with a partner, like Connection, to assess your environment and really figure out what you’re trying to accomplish can be invaluable. Connection’s suite of mobility services, including a mobility assessment, can help provide you with a comprehensive view of your BYOD strategy and what mobility can really do for you at a strategic level.

Finding the right MDM tool for your organization is critical. Understanding the difference between on-premise and cloud based solutions – and how to put together a hybrid strategy, if that’s the best fit for you – is important as well. Connection can help with all of that – and more. Say you’ve decided to purchase 500 iPads for your employees – we can help with the rollout and installation of those devices, as well as any network components you may need to support them. Not only that, we can do all the pre-configuration of those devices for you and provision them with your approved applications and settings via an MDM tool, so right out of the box, your new devices are ready to go.

At Connection, we start with understanding your strategy and use cases, and take it from that point and move it on through to proof of concept, all the way to actual implementation – depending on your needs. For more information on partnering with us for your BYOD strategy needs, take a look at our video.