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Find the Perfect Security Balance

Stephen Nardone

Like almost any endeavor in IT today, a one-size mobility plan does not fit all enterprises. Your mobile deployment will be unique to your company, and researching and implementing the diverse components involved – including mobile devices, network equipment, security infrastructure, mobile security policies, and compliance requirements – can be daunting.

Deciding on the security and mobility requirements of users throughout the enterprise is also a major challenge. The enterprise needs to develop and enforce clear policies for mobile security that are aligned with the needs of user segments within the company.

While senior executives and sales professionals will need high levels of both mobility and security, each group of users can have different demands. For example, field service representatives who live on the road need powerful mobility solutions, while accounting and compliance managers who rarely travel require high levels of security to protect sensitive corporate information.

Employees want increased flexibility to work anywhere. And organizations need to meet these needs to remain competitive, gain and retain the best people, and meet user expectations for rapid response time. Developing and deploying mobile deployment security policies and enforcing across the enterprise demands a best-practices approach to mobile security.

The Connection Mobility Practice works closely with customers to design, build, and deploy mobile infrastructure that is aligned with enterprise mobile security goals. Our team of experts can help you choose the right devices for your unique environment and develop proper policies based on sound Mobile Device Management (MDM) platforms. Connection has the expertise, resources, and infrastructure to simplify the complexity inherent in mobile deployments.

Our team of mobile security experts can design your entire mobile infrastructure, conduct the configuration and implementation, and then roll it out for you. Connection employs a team of highly qualified technicians who can configure your mobile devices and perform any required imaging or asset tagging.

Our Wilmington Configuration Center experts work closely with you to review your mobile security requirements. We’ll set up conference calls to understand specific details and ensure we meet your organization’s needs. Then the Connection team sets your rollout in motion. This includes unique services specific to mobile device provisioning, to include laser etching devices with company logos, and the packaging of mobile devices. We can even use a VPN to connect to your network, access approved images, and install them on your mobile devices.

Connection can also set individual device settings before packaging and delivering the devices either to your offices or directly to your end users. And we can even custom design your mobile device images if necessary. Our team of experts can help you choose the right devices for your unique environment and develop proper policies with sound MDM solutions. We can also help you consider all aspects of security so you can manage your policies to achieve your desired level of acceptable risk for each user segment.

For more information about Connection’s Mobile Deployment Services, just complete this information request form and you will be contacted to discuss how our mobile security experts can help you securely deploy your mobile devices.