Get Visibility in Your Network

David Booth

The cyber threats facing enterprises today are sophisticated, wide ranging, and highly targeted. It’s crucial to get network visibility to address the complex security threats lurking in and around your network. Gaining insight into attackers’ behaviors and location within your environment can help you prevent a security event from becoming a full-blown data breach.

The 2016 Internet Crime report from the FBI’s Internet Crime Center (IC3) started that 298,727 complaints had been reported that year with reported losses of $1.3 billion!1

According to Cybersecurity Ventures Global ransomware damage is predicted to exceed $5 billion in 2017.2

The message last year was “it’s not if we are going to be attacked, it’s when.” The message this year is going to be “I am going to be attacked—what do I do?” 

Using a tool like Shodan (publicly available search engine for IOT servers), systems and devices with open remote access ports are perfect targets for hacker. Consider these stats:

  • In August 2017, the NJ Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Cell (NJCCIC) undertook an exercise using Shodan and discovered over 10,000 IP’s within NJ with the RDP port open nearly 5000 with Telnet and 184,00 with TCP/UDP 22 (SSH) enabled.3
  • Rapid 7 released a report in August 2017 showing that over 1.1 million devices located in the USA running windows were configured to accept a remote desktop connection.4
  • In another report from Flashpoint, dated April 2017, it was noted that a darkweb marketplace was selling access to over 85,000 compromised RDP servers, most of these in the USA and from all kinds of organizations including education, healthcare, legal, aviation and the government.5

We are still overlooking some basic security risk vectors, things we thought had been covered. For instance, WanaCry exploited a method the industry has known about for over 10 years.6

It’s time to take your network back from the attackers. Let Cisco and Connection help you get visibility in your network and use their experience and resources to better protect your organization. The Cisco StealthwatchTM Online Visibility Assessment is designed to evaluate your internal network visibility and overall security posture. Contact us today for a FREE online assessment to improve visibility across your business!