Flash Storage: Focusing on Your Needs

Upgrading Your Storage? Let Us Help.

Aaron Russo

Storage has evolved from devices the size of kitchen appliances that held less than 4MB to solid state drives smaller than a wallet. But, along with it, the decisions and potential consequences of those decisions have evolved as well. There’s really no bad decision to be made in the terms of storage – well, other than not buying enough – but there are decisions that can drain your budget while offering little or no ROI.

Traditional, hybrid, and all flash
. That’s what it all seems to boil down to. And capacity is an easy thing to figure out. But what about everything else? There’s a lot to take into consideration. And terms like NAND, RAISE, and SMART are just scratching the surface. But there is an easier way.

Storage for an organization of any size can be complex and something only touched upon once in a blue moon. They might put a SAN in place and then five years later do it again. But, after five years, their needs have changed – and along with it the technology they used. Proper research takes time and not every business has that time to spare. But that’s where Connection comes in.

As a top-tier IT provider, our Account Managers are backed by a team of technical solutions specialists who hold some of the best certifications available. When we work with customers, one of the things they appreciate the most is our vendor-neutral position. We take a look at the industry as a whole with an agnostic approach to help our customers find a solution that fits their needs precisely and perfectly.

Speaking of needs, Connection also offers a host of services to help identify where infrastructure bottlenecks might be occurring, so that you’re able to reap the full benefits of your upgrades. Our goal is to make sure that you have all the information you need to make the right decisions. We’ll be right there next to you from the start to the end.

The relationship we develop through partnering will not only help us understand your current project, but ultimately where you’re trying to take your overall business. In the end, we strive for you to see us as an extension of your IT department – not as someone just making a sale.

If you are not sure about your storage situation or you’d like more insight, watch this video that I was part of. Afterwards, if you have more questions, you can always call on us for a more in-depth conversation. We offer no-obligation assessments that help discover the right path for your storage infrastructure.