Find Your Device Happy Place

Boost Productivity and Morale with the Right Systems

Lane Shelton

Lately, we’ve been talking frequently with customers about new devices. Some of it is driven by Windows XP replacement discussions and some of it by the sheer number of new devices and form factors out there now. In the process, we’ve begun witnessing a phenomenon we call the Device Happy Place (or DHP because we love acronyms). A DHP occurs when a user finds the perfect device, or set of devices. The Device Happy Place produces three distinct results: a serious productivity boost, a general sense of work well-being, and an insistence on telling anyone and everyone about how awesome the new kit is.

It’s different for everyone. One of our Executives recently discovered the Surface Pro and found his DHP. I found my DHP a long time ago with the Lenovo ThinkPad X30 and never managed to find it again when I had to retire that faithful notebook. I’m hoping my soon-to-be setup of a non-touch Lenovo T431s and a companion Dell Venue 8 Pro will restore me to DHP, but only time will tell.

Companies are starting to offer their employees more choices in devices, supporting BYOD initiatives, and expanding access to data. We hear it every day talking to customers about their plans and environment. BYOD has to be controlled, but if done right, it increases the chance of employees finding their Device Happy Place and leads to better productivity and quality of work-life. There’s nothing like the feeling of sitting down to work on that sleek device that seems to be the perfect fit for the way you work. I believe many organizations have figured this out. It used to be that we’d gather for a meeting, and everyone would whip out their company-issue bricktop, and 10 minutes later the meeting would start because that’s how long it took us all to boot up. Now I routinely sit down to a room full of Macs, ultrabooks, convertibles, Windows/iOS/Droid slates – it’s like Star Trek. Everyone has a device they love, but the meeting still starts late because everyone has to explain why their kit is cooler. Work technology becomes fun again. Given how much time we all spend at work these days, it matters.

If you haven’t found your Device Happy Place (if you have to think about it, you’re not there – when you hit DHP, you know) you can check out our device assessment tool. Maybe you’ll find the right device – or devices – there!