Expanding Technology:

Wireless Networking and Smart Tools Are Changing the World

Contributing Writer

These days, everything connects to the Internet in some way or another. People carry a minimum of three devices with them at all times: their phone, their notebook, and their tablet. And that doesn’t take into consideration many other smart gadgets that people may indulge in every day – like smart watches, smart thermostats, and even smart fridges. Face it; digital devices have all but taken command of our lives!

In our hyper connected world, the Internet of Things (IoT) has grown dramatically and consequently had a great deal of impact on users. Customers are concerned with their many wireless connections; they are concerned with how to optimize them; they are concerned with how to manage them; and they are most definitely concerned with how to properly secure them. It’s clear that while digital devices are changing the world, robust wireless networks are key to staying safe and continuously connected. Connection and HPE can help.

HPE/Aruba ClearPass provides easy-to-manage, comprehensive network access, and ensures secure network security from the inside out. Listen to our podcast to learn more about device based network access control, and how HPE/Aruba ClearPass elevates the customer experience.

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