Dump Windows 8 Now?

A Rollout Delay May Benefit You in the Long Run

Contributing Writer

Gartner recommends that enterprises dump Windows 8.1 deployment plans, even if that means delays. According to Gartner analyst Steve Kleynhans, “It is likely that Windows 8.1 will suffer a similar fate to Windows Vista, whereby industry support died off relatively quickly.”

He recommends that companies that have already started deploying Windows 8.1 reconsider and instead shift to a plan to migrate to Windows 10, even if that delays the rollout beyond the earlier timetable envisioned for Windows 8.1. “Windows 8.1 is no longer the right option for new enterprise deployment, and indeed, resources should be refocused on early adoption of Windows 10,” Kleynhans wrote in a Gartner report.

Windows 10 is not an incremental step from Windows 8.1; it is Microsoft’s attempt to create a single ecosystem that unites tablets, phones, PCs, embedded systems, and even the Xbox One. It will allow these products to share a universal application architecture and Windows Store ecosystem. Expanding upon the Windows Runtime platform introduced by Windows 8, this architecture allows applications to be adapted for use between these platforms while sharing common code.

Gartner recommends that clients running Windows 7 skip Windows 8.1 because Windows 10 offers better security and management, as well as an improved user experience and a more business-focused app store. And those that have already begun deploying Windows 8.1 should reconsider. This isn’t the first time Gartner suggested that enterprise clients skip a Windows edition; Gartner also recommends that companies bypass Windows Vista and wait for Windows 7.

Nobody in IT wants to be on the leading edge of an enterprise software deployment, but the advantages of upgrading to Windows 10 are compelling. Gartner clearly has a strong record of making the right calls in this area, and if you can plan a single migration to the pending release of Windows 10 you can accelerate the business value of a standardized enterprise operating system and avoid the costs of potentially upgrading to Windows again in the near future.

Windows 10 is here.
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