It’s a Dry Heat—Dispatches from Microsoft Inspire 2018

Anthony Ruffo

While many organizations are trying to re-invent themselves to keep up with the changing technology landscape, Microsoft has decided to go back to their roots. As CEO Satya Nadella said in his keynote speech, “You don’t join Microsoft to be cool; you join to make others cool.” Microsoft is building the solutions other organizations rely on, from the familiar Office suite to Cortana and Microsoft Teams.

At this year’s Inspire conference in Las Vegas, we learned a great detail about how important big data and AI are right now and how they can affect both our work and home lives. One of the most impactful items brought up was Project Natick, an underwater fully sustainable data center that’s going to change how Microsoft can bring connectivity to nations around the world. Embedding technology everywhere can help make connections seamless, allowing us to work from anywhere, on any device.

By far the biggest talking point among Microsoft, its partners, and implementers was that being a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) is imperative to sustain business in today’s marketplace. Most sessions about cloud were standing room only, and the excitement around this topic was palpable. There was a distinct buzz of chatter following every presentation.

Now, the best place to start to take advantage of Microsoft’s new solutions is with a Microsoft License Statement. That allows a partner like Connection to use a customers’ existing assets as a guide to point them in the right direction of new purchases or upgrades. It helps the customer see what their landscape looks like now, how well they’re positioned to adapt to change, and how they can grow and expand.

Connection is proud to have been an early adopter of CSP, and we’ve seen success with all types and sizes of organizations. Our CSP offerings are some of the best available, and we’re continuing to enhance our consulting, training, and cloud services. Our team of Microsoft experts is ready to work with you to create a strategy that meets your unique needs.

Anthony has more than eight years of experience with Microsoft solutions. In his free time, he enjoys sports, bow hunting, and spending time with his family.