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Technology for Today’s Work Force

Kevin O'Connor

Your network can be fairly described as “converged” these days, with voice, Internet, LAN, and WAN services available over a common telecommunications infrastructure. IP-based technology is the key – and that technology is at the root of today’s Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) deployments.

Cloud-enabled UC systems represent the next-generation for UC, offering the benefits of work anywhere, connectivity, telepresence, IM, and enhanced collaboration with the flexibility of the cloud. There have been many analyst reports on the benefits of remote working, and virtually all lead to the conclusion that organizations should be enabling remote workers to increase worker productivity and job satisfaction.

Many technologies adopted over the past two decades are now obsolete or will be soon. The traditional PBX phone system is a perfect example. As organizations seek to replace their aging communication infrastructures, they quickly realize that new ways of delivering telecommunication technology can reduce costs and increase employee productivity. The speed of doing business is critical, and organizational productivity cannot be reduced just because employees are traveling or working from home.

Employees are increasingly more global, more distributed, and frequently working from anywhere at any time of day. The PBX phone sitting on your desk doesn’t enable modern communication or connectivity. Connection UCaaS experts can guide you through this transition and help you evaluate and implement a hosted UCaaS solution that will meet your unique needs.

Moving to an IP-based architecture requires an initial investment, but your savings can be exponential. UCaaS is a unified, integrated solution that leverages a soft phone, a cell phone application, and combines instant messaging, presence, voice, and collaboration. This enables rapid communications and increased productivity.

UCaaS solutions are hosted, which means you are not required to make a significant investment to update your legacy telecommunications infrastructure. They are also flexible, and you can deploy them on-premises, off-premises, or in a hybrid configuration. This flexibility allows IT to configure a UCaaS solution to address your unique needs, and hosted UCaaS solutions can also be integrated with existing communication technology, allowing you to extend the value of legacy communications infrastructure.

The Connection Cloud Practice works closely with vendor partners who have passed a rigorous vetting process. We ensure their organizations are stable, and that their UCaaS solutions are secure and industry relevant. We investigate and understand the strengths and weaknesses of cloud service providers, and it’s only after they clear our checkpoints that we bring them into our practice.

Our research and clearance process saves you time and helps you swiftly narrow down your cloud choices. Our understanding of UCaaS is deep, and while we remain vendor-agnostic, we are extremely knowledgeable across all of the leading industry technologies. We offer an in-house consulting methodology based on our deep experience working with organizations of all sizes in different industries.

We work closely with our Networking Practice to design and deliver UCaaS solutions so you can leverage the best of on-premises, off-premises, and hybrid options to increase productivity and drive down communications costs. To learn more about our Cloud Practice and Networking Practice and how Connection can help you quickly and cost-effectively implement UCaaS solutions, please complete this brief information request form, and we’ll provide you with a response to your inquiry by the close of the next business day.