Disaster Recovery

The Importance of Testing

Aaron Russo
Data Center

When a disaster, whether natural or man-made, threatens to affect your organization, you need to be fully prepared to rebuild your operations and continue providing service and support to your customers. While most organizations understand the importance of planning for disaster recovery (DR), they are not always confident with the plan they have in place. Once their procedures go into place, they can quickly become outdated as applications change. I can tell you that testing the effectiveness of a disaster recovery plan – or whether a plan works at all – is crucial to its success.

Do you have a fully tested DR plan in place? The team I work with can help. Our experts have built disaster preparedness and business continuity plans for organizations of all sizes. Wherever your organization is in the disaster recovery lifecycle – from initial policy to periodic testing – we can help you make sure your plan is well designed, test it, and then measure the results from that test to instill confidence in your DR strategy.

Watch our video, The Importance of Testing Your Disaster Recovery Plan, and learn why the benchmark of any good DR plan is testing. Whether you have a simple or complex plan in place, discover why testing is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure success in the event of a real disaster.

If you are in the preparing or updating stages of your plan, watch our video, Preparing for Disaster Recovery, learn more about how the disasters you don’t think about can destroy your data as easily as the disasters you do. And discover the different types of disaster recovery technology available to you today to map out a solid DR plan.