Direct Hire Help for your Senior Level and Complex Openings

Hiring Challenges Averted

Lila Nelms

There’s no doubt about it, it’s encouraging to see the great uptick in technology hiring. As technology becomes more and more complex and diverse, companies nationwide are feeling the pressure to find the expertise they need – and quick. Companies can no longer afford to put critical IT initiatives on the back burner, due to a knowledge gap on their IT team.

Technical managers, directors, and CIO’s are challenged each day to find the senior talent to take their IT departments and organizations to the next step, and level in their growth plan. Senior and leadership roles in IT become very tricky to source in our current high-competition landscape. Senior Engineers, Senior Developers, Project Managers, Cloud Engineers, VMware Architects, IT Managers, Directors, and CIO recruitment efforts can feel overwhelming, as organizations struggle to attract this level of genius to their businesses.

HR Departments are currently overworked and, many times, understaffed. Most companies can’t afford experienced technical recruiters on their talent acquisition teams. Although very skilled, many HR generalists simply don’t have the IT training to recruit for high-level positions. Managers get frustrated from the unqualified, high-volume resume submittals they receive from their internal team. Positions can go unfilled for upwards of 60, 90, 120+ days.

Connection’s staffing division understands these challenges, and that time is of the essence. That’s why we have a strong, and financially competitive Direct Hire program. We can act as a strategic partner to your HR department, helping to quickly find the senior level employees you need. Our team of experienced technical recruiters can drill down, and screen-IN the high-end technical skills and personality fit needed, within the budgeted salary range. We have access to thousands and thousands of technical resources throughout the US. We’ll work closely with the hiring manager and HR department to closely understand your hiring needs, fine tune job descriptions, and offer competitive salary information, if necessary. We act as a true partner in every sense of the word. When you succeed, we succeed!

Traditional direct hire placement companies can charge a 20-30% conversion fee for the final permanent salary accepted. This common approach, when placing an IT Director at a salary of 150K or more, can be costly! Other organizations charge a non-contingent fee, where you have to pay a percentage of money upfront, for them to even start looking for a resource….and there’s still no guarantee for placement.

Because of our full service offerings, we can suggest flexible and affordable direct hire placement options. We’re based on a contingent fee, where no fee is charged until we deliver. We have 2 pricing models – 16% with a 30-day guarantee, or 18% with a 90-day guarantee. This savings, alone, can help justify using an experienced partner like Connection to help with your senior level, or leadership recruiting efforts. We work with companies on a weekly basis that have had positions open for 3/5/6 months with no success. Yet once we’re involved, we can have a senior candidate identified, interviewed, and placed with your company in an average of 3-4 weeks. Imagine what that time savings can mean to you. We’re just a phone call away to get you back on track.