Developing Your Mobile Strategy

Overlook Enterprise Connectivity at Your Own Risk

Stephen Nardone

Just as the security ecosystem of an organization is dependent on the sensitive data that they are trying to protect, so too does an enterprise’s mobile strategy depend on the end goals of the business. Each organization will have its own mobile strategy that is a product of thoughtful input from not only IT, LOB managers, and CIOs but also security professionals.

A clearly defined enterprise mobile management strategy will outline process and policies that encourage the use of mobile devices in a secure environment. Here are some key considerations and questions that decision makers must be mindful of in developing a mobile strategy include.

  • Make a device decision – will your organization allow for BYOD, or will you distribute approved devices to end users?
  • How will those devices be issued and managed?
  • Who needs what level of access to the network and data in order to perform their tasks?
  • What areas of the network need to be blocked?
  • Who are the approved users that can gain access to those blocked areas?
  • How will they gain access, through what authentication?
  • How will we control access to the network for those outside of our protected domain? Will all end users accessing the network from outside our domain be limited to “guest” access?
  • What mobile device management solutions do we need in our security ecosystem?

In order to answer these and any other questions about network controls and access, look at the structure of the organization, determine which key players need to be part of this decision making process, and know that you are not alone. The experts at Connection are here to help at every step of the process in developing the best policies for your organization.