Cutting the Cords that Hold Back Productivity

What Wireless Devices Can Really Bring to Your Organization

Dave Olivier

Here’s an interesting thing about organizations that embrace workplace transformation: employees’ personal experiences with technology often drive the move. That is, they love the convenience and capabilities that their personal devices offer and they’re insisting on those same advantages in their professional lives. Consider the impact of a single change: the reduction or outright elimination of wires from the office environment.

Just think about the freedom we now take for granted afforded by cell phones and Wi-Fi-enabled notebooks – freedom that was practically unheard of barely a generation ago. They’re both pervasive in the modern workplace, but I’ll bet your first cell phone was your own personal device. Mine was.

Connection and Intel® have made it easier for organizations to take the first step, initiate new technology use, and be more proactive when it comes to advancements. This partnership is helping organizations lead the way, extending wireless freedom to other parts of the workplace with a suite of complementary technologies that promote collaboration while maintaining privacy and security. Your team wants it, your organization deserves it, and now it’s more feasible than ever before.

Open Up Meetings to Everyone

In the conference room, for example, Intel® Pro Wireless Display, or Intel® Pro WiDi, is making it easier to launch a presentation, share content, assume or hand off control, and crucially protect information. Intel® Pro WiDi enables viewers to participate without the hassle of finding and physically plugging-in compatible connectors. Instead, users wirelessly – and securely – connect their devices (each one powered by an Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor) instantly and effortlessly. For privacy, users must verify their connection to help avoid inadvertent sharing and to prevent unauthorized views.

Now All Participants Are on the Same Page

Enhancing the wire-free meeting experience is another complementary piece of technology that should be mentioned. Intel® Unite™ turns a conference room into a smart meeting space. Running on a mini-PC powered by the Intel® Core vPro processor, Intel® Unite™ easily and wirelessly connects all Unite-using participants – whether they’re in the room or halfway around the world. Everyone can interact in real time, accessing displays, projectors, and interactive whiteboards. And, thanks to a rotating PIN code and 256-bit SSL encryption, your meeting is secure.

Your Desktop Is Ready When You Are

Another transformation site where wires are falling by the wayside is the individual workspace. Employees no longer need to spend their first 10 minutes at work linking to their peripherals. Instead, Intel® Wireless Docking uses proximity-based sensing to connect them as they arrive at their desk. No cords or clutter, no incompatibility or complexity.

Forward-thinking organizations have proven all too happy to migrate to a wire-free workplace. Why? Because they know they’ll reach new opportunities before their slower-to-adopt competitors. And to do that, they don’t need to be tripping over wires.

Questions about deploying your own wire-free workplace? Intel® and Connection have answers. Tell us where you’d like to cut the cords and we’ll help you find the ideal solution. Learn more here.