Contract-to-Hire Staffing

7 Reasons Why It Makes Sense

Lila Nelms

In today’s current economic climate, organizations have to be flexible in the ups and downs of hiring – considering costs, time allocated, and available resources. The Contract-to-Hire staffing model can work perfectly to cost-effectively streamline the hiring process. Contract-to-Hire offers the most flexible approach to adding resources, freeing you up from the paperwork and obligation of a Direct-Hire employee. Learn why Contract-to-Hire is the best solution for your IT staffing needs.

1. There’s no better time than now – There are actually not enough IT experts in the field right now to fill open positions, so it’s taking organizations longer to find the right candidate. Our Contract-to-Hire staffing service shortens recruiting time and provides you with the technology expertise you need, when you need it.

2. 40% of positions are refilled because a candidate turns out not to fit with your team – With Contract-to-Hire, your chosen candidate is given a trial period before becoming permanent. That way, you get a real idea of how they’ll work with your team before making a full commitment.

3. Hiring has hidden costs – Current unemployment, benefits, and COBRA laws can add an additional budget strain for all organizations. Can you afford to take on those hiring risks if you’re not confident about the final outcome?

4. You need a hiring safety net – Contract-to-Hire helps insulate against the risks associated with bringing on new employees by providing a trial period before the position becomes permanent. After 90 (or 120 or 180) days, you’ll get a window of knowledge into your candidate that you wouldn’t get via the normal hiring process, without taking on all the risks associated with a new hire.

5. A strong relationship starts with a trusted partner – At Connection, our recruitment team excels at listening to your organization’s needs and producing an accurate list of the desired skills, traits, and experience you’re looking for in a candidate. Job descriptions rarely tell the whole picture of what is really needed for a position. Soft skills are just as important to your team’s dynamic, and our Contract-to-Hire recruiting experts assess a wide range of qualities to determine the best candidate for each position.

6. Achieve your hiring goals – Identifying and recruiting those talent resources when and where they’re needed most will help your organization stay ahead of the competition and realize your strategic, long-term goals.

7. Having a staffing partner lets you focus on what’s really important – With a strong recruiting expert in your corner, you’ll find your productivity will increase, and you’ll be able to free up operational funds for better use in other projects.

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