Connection Cares in Action: Celebrating Achievements in Corporate Social Responsibility


At Connection, we believe that caring for our community is at the heart of everything we do. Our Connection Cares initiatives turn our commitment into action through impactful employee resource groups, dedicated specialty groups, programs, events and more. Let’s take a closer look at some of the incredible things each group has accomplished so far this year.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Fostering Unity

Employees took strides toward fostering a more inclusive workplace by launching two new Employee Resource Groups including the Rainbow Alliance to support our LGBTQ+ community and its allies and establishing an Empowered ERG for the advancement of women in all aspects of their lives and professional journeys. 

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion took center stage during Pride Month. The DEI group in collaboration with the Rainbow Alliance ERG invited our employees to show their pride by decorating their workspaces in vibrant Pride gear or sharing videos about what Pride means to them. The colorful transformation served as a powerful, visual celebration of unity, filling our workspaces with positivity and acceptance.

The Rainbow Alliance ERG also shared information on our internal social media network about members of the LGBTQIA+ community who have made contributions to tech and science, such as astronaut Sally Ride and computer science pioneer Alan Turing. They also collaborated with the Charitable Contributions Group to make a donation to the Trevor Project, a nonprofit organization that actively supports efforts to raise awareness and combat suicide among LGBTQIA+ youth, reinforcing our commitment to creating a safer, more welcoming environment for everyone.

Charitable Contributions: Making a Meaningful Impact

Our Charitable Contributions group worked to ensure every Connection employee had a chance to support causes that they find meaningful. By facilitating charitable donations and volunteering opportunities, we empowered our team to make a real difference in their communities. We also created a program that allows employees to suggest organizations for our group to support—to help us spread our contributions far and wide throughout our communities.

In the chill of winter, we focused our charitable contribution efforts on bringing warmth. At our annual Lenovo Winter Wonderland event, we hosted a coat drive to collect a total of 115 jackets. These jackets were cleaned and distributed to charitable organizations in the Burlington, VT area, ensuring that those in need were provided with essential warmth during the cold season.

At our annual kickoff event, we invited contributions to both the New Hampshire Food Bank and J.C. Mitchell Elementary, a school in South Florida nearby our West Palm Beach kickoff festivities. The combined effort resulted in an impressive 184 lbs. of donations for the food bank and 199 books—donated both in-person and through Scholastic Books online—for the school. We’re proud to contribute to the health and wellbeing of both communities!

As Connection is committed to supporting the education community, we also participated in a give-back program during the industry’s largest educational technology trade show. The program focused on providing personal hygiene items for students, empowering teachers to address the needs of students who face challenging circumstances. The initiative was met with enthusiasm and appreciation from educators and administrators nationwide. Teachers who visited our booth expressed deep gratitude for our commitment to addressing the practical needs of students, allowing them to focus on their education without worrying about essential hygiene products. Many educators shared their own experiences of witnessing the positive impact of such initiatives in their schools.

Sustainability: Nurturing a Greener Future

In April, our Sustainability group organized an initiative in honor of Earth Day. It was a call to action, not just for a single day, but for a future where our collective efforts make a lasting impact on the world we share. Leading up to Earth Day, our Sustainability group embarked on a mission to inspire and engage all employees to take meaningful steps toward environmental conservation. Each member of the Connection family was encouraged to embrace their role as caretakers of the Earth, championing sustainability in their daily lives. Employees were invited to capture their Earth Day actions through photos or videos, accompanied by descriptions of their eco-friendly activities.

Colleagues from all departments of our organization enthusiastically shared their efforts, and to make this initiative even more rewarding, all submissions were entered into a raffle to win gift cards to EarthHero, a platform that empowers individuals to shop sustainably for products that are gentle on our environment. This incentive not only celebrated Earth Day participants, but also amplified the message that sustainable choices can be both fulfilling and enjoyable.

Employee Recognition: Honoring Our Stars

In March 2023, our Employee Recognition group organized an unforgettable Employee Appreciation Day. With seamless collaboration and dedication, we shared the significance of this special day through messages from Connection Leadership and our internal channels. The highlight was a raffle, open to all Connection employees, symbolizing our heartfelt appreciation. While not an official holiday, Employee Appreciation Day resonates with our deep pride in cherishing and honoring the exceptional individuals that share our workplace. Those are just some of the great initiatives our teams have sponsored this year—and be sure to check in later to see what we get up to during the rest of the year!