Connection and ecoprintQ: Partnering to Help You Save Money and Print Smarter

Michelle Petrovic

Beginning this year, Connection and ecoprintQ have partnered to bring PaperCut MF to the channel. This solution is the industry-leading print management solution. 

But first, what is print management software? How does it work? Read on to find out more and discover how this incredible PaperCut MF solution can make your enterprise more efficient.

What Is Print Management Software?

Print management software provides system administrators and IT managers with a centralized tool to enable, monitor, and track printing using:

  • Simple print enablement
  • Print security
  • Waste reduction
  • Cost control

Think of your users. How many of them print anything wherever, whenever, and however they want? Many will gravitate to color printers. Some might never print double-sided and still others might leave sensitive documents at the printer. Implementing a print management solution allows IT to determine these details per user or user group—saving your business money, increasing security, and being more sustainable.

Sustainability through Reduced Print Waste

I know printing and sustainability don’t always go hand-in-hand. But, implementing a print management solution, like PaperCut MF, will help you understand how much people are printing in your organization. For example, some users may print every email they receive. Others may never print anything. But, knowing how much people print is the first step to decreasing your carbon footprint. Once you know this, you can limit the number of pages a user has per month, require them to print double-sided, or even print only in black and white. Each of these small changes will help your organization be more environmentally friendly. 

Secure All Documents Before, During, and After Printing

How many printers do you have in your office? You likely have a few larger copiers with smaller desktop printers scattered around. If I asked you why that’s the case, I’d bet you’d tell me it’s because people don’t want to print at a communal printer that is not nearby. If it isn’t close to your desk, the risk of sensitive data being seen by others increases. What if you could prevent the job from printing until you’re at the printer? PaperCut MF provides a solution to this problem. In addition to managing when and how much someone prints, PaperCut MF provides an on-premises printing solution to allow users to pull their jobs down when they’re ready.

Shrink Your Footprint and Your Bills

If sustainability and security aren’t enough, you can save money too. In businesses where anyone can print whatever they want, paper, ink, and toner costs can get out of control. Simply requiring double-sided, black and white printing can reduce costs by as much as 50%! You’re also saving money because there won’t be printouts waiting on the printer, forgotten, only to be thrown away by someone who later passes by. For more information on how you can save money, be more secure, and print sustainably, contact an Account Manager today!

Michelle is a Product Manager for Workplace Transformation at Connection. She has more than 10 years of experience with endpoint devices in both the consumer and commercial space. In her free time, Michelle likes to travel.