Commercial vs. Consumer Displays

The Benefits of Going Colo

Toby Mackey

When it comes to digital signage display, people may tend to think of them just as bigger televisions – and that if they can install a new flat screen in their living room, they can surely set up a digital signage solution at their office. It’s important to know that this is hardly the case! Your home television set is designed to look great in your living room, which is not the same environment as an office, factory, or outdoor campus. What does a commercial display really provide for your digital signage solution?

Commercial displays are built to handle the demands of a true digital signage solution. They stand up in sunlight, low light, factory conditions, 24 x 7 x 365 operation, and more. Plus, they are warrantied for commercial use. If you try to use your TV 24 x 7, the image quality will degrade quickly, and it will likely prematurely fail, and the consumer warranty won’t cover it. Commercial displays are warranted for 2–3 years with optional extended warranties to cover you up to 5 years in some cases. Not only that, but commercial displays really aren’t that much more expensive than consumer displays and TVs, especially when you factor in the extra durability. Truly, it has never been more cost-effective to install a complete digital signage solution.

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