The Cisco and Apple Collaboration

When your network can't keep up-call in the experts

David Booth

Did you know that the number of smartphone users worldwide is forecast to exceed 2 billion users by 2022? For 2016 alone, the number of smartphone users in the United States was estimated to reach 208 million. And just under half of those are Apple iPhone users.

Of course, you realize the need for your healthcare practice or hospital to be agile, digital, and to understand the value in being software based. You want tools that allow your employees to collaborate from anywhere—and your employees want free of constraint by wires and desks.

Is your organization getting enough out of its mobile technology? Or is the sheer volume of data moving across your wireless network causing you to switch from one solution to another? The Cisco and Apple partnership helps you to get the best out of your organization’s investment with as much as an 83% decrease in significant quality issues and 100% reduction in disconnected calls. Listen to our podcast and find out how it’s done.