BYOD Is Here to Stay In the Classroom

Are You Ready for a Flood of Devices?

Chris Roux

Traditionally, textbooks have steered classroom curriculum. But over the last few years, BYOD has changed the direction of teaching. More and more, students are turning on their tablets, iPhones, and notebooks to research relevant topics. BYOD is coming of age in many classrooms, creating greater learning opportunities, and changing the educational landscape. Caution is needed, because with this new mobile makeover come security challenges.

Immediate information is important to today’s always-on students, and so is the security of your administration’s data. The right mobile device management (MDM) solution can provide you with control and visibility of all the mobile devices in your network to help ease your mind. BYOD in the classroom is here to stay, and good MDM security is essential to protecting your institution while optimizing information-access. An experienced IT partner can offer assessment and services to help you choose the MDM solution that’s right for you.