Business Flexibility Through Hyperconvergence

How Agile Are You? More So with Cisco on Your Side.

Sarah Senftle

Flexibility – it’s one of those things you can’t have too much of. In today’s ever-shifting global-business frontier, having it ensures long-term survivability. How so? Well, as trends fluctuate and change, flexibility allows you to evolve at a much more fluid pace without nearly the effort and cost a static organization experiences.

If you’re in need, you’re also in luck. Technology already has this covered in the form of hyperconvergence. It brings a business the agility it needs to the table at all times. It lets you become dynamic in a way that helps you respond to competitive pressures right away – not after you get new initiatives in place.

Conventional hyper-converged solutions, essentially, roll servers and storage together. Cisco, however, has taken this design one step further with their network centric approach. By combining software-defined networking and computing with a next-generation Cisco HX Data Platform, customers can experience a wider range of enterprise-grade data management and optimization services, allowing your enterprise to be much more flexible.

Take a look at our video, Unlock Your Full Potential with Cisco Hyperflex, to learn more about Cisco HyperFlex Systems and how it can give your organization the means to prepare for the future of business IT.