Azure MSPs Address Bandwidth Challenges and Skill Gaps

John Ryan

When was the last time you created and maintained an Azure production environment for your commercial business or public institution? If you are like most people, I expect your answer would be “never.” For a select few, I realize the answer may be once or twice—or in a few rare circumstances: more. Regardless of your number of encounters with Azure, we can all agree that the ever-expanding and ever-evolving Azure solutions offered by Microsoft are invaluable to an organization’s abilitity to survive and thrive. But the knowledge and skills to effectively deliver your data center in the cloud to your internal—or even public—end-user community is something that requires a distinct dedication and ongoing effort. 

Carving out the time to gain these crucial Azure competencies is easier said than done, let alone reserving the time in your daily calendars for ongoing Azure environment monitoring, maintenance, finetuning / optimization—all while continuing your Azure education—on top of everything else to which you are already committed.As society and industry marches forward through these ever-changing times, it is becoming increasingly more important for us to have access to time- and money-saving expertise to facilitate the focus on growing and maturing our business at hand. Allow me to introduce Connection’s Azure Managed Service Provider (MSP) program. Connection also holds the highly-sought-after Azure Expert MSP status that we recently earned from Microsoft.

Connection’s Azure Managed Service Provider plans grant you access to a team of expert resources aligned around providing guidance for your digital transformation into the Microsoft cloud. Embarking on this journey with Connection will save you time and money in not having to train others or learn these skills yourself. And we all know that trained new hires come at a premium. Our Azure professionals will help you speed along to the meaningful cloud solutions you need in Azure, all while keeping eyes on being secure, staying compliant, and keeping within budget. Whether you need a soup-to-nuts approach as you begin your Azure migration, or need some guidance with particular critical pieces of your cloud infrastructure puzzle, our team can help you preserve the bandwidth of your own staff and accomplish your goals more quickly, and with less anxiety.When you gain access to our team, our tools, and tried-and-true best practices, you can be assured of realizing every dollar spent is in the vein of Azure right-sizing for cost optimization—with health monitoring and patching, security and compliance reviews, direction on backup, and access to support all included for one predictable monthly price. Connection’s Azure Managed Services options will help you beat the Azure bandwidth and skill-gap issues you are likely experiencing with your IT staff as more and more workloads are moving to the cloud, and succeed in the digital transformation needed for your business—with flying colors!

John Ryan is a Strategic Software Consultant in Connection’s Cloud Center of Excellence XLO Team. He has held multiple Microsoft roles for about two-thirds of his career at Connection, which began in 1999. In his spare time, John enjoys going to concerts and sporting events—and spending time with family at the beach or while camping.