Mark E. Johnson

Mr. Johnson has been in Solution Design and Managed Services delivery for over 25 years, working in a variety of industries that include healthcare, life sciences, education, engineering, and financial sectors of domestic and global businesses. Mr. Johnson has skills in solution design and architecture, embarrassingly parallel and massively parallel High-Performance Compute (HPC), hardware and application performance tuning, infrastructure monitoring and automation, and developing and deploying cloud solutions. Mr. Johnson has worked extensively with high availability and disaster recovery, server and workload virtualization, high performance compute, database solutions, and numerous aspects of primary, backup, and archive storage. He has published on topics of storage I/O solutions in the UNIX OS space and database replication and data copy solutions for Oracle databases. He has architected, built, configured, and tested DR solutions for Fortune 1000 and Fortune 100 companies, including x86, UNIX, AS/400 / IBM i, IBM System z, and HP NonStop work environments. In his free time, he enjoys reading about medical and genetic research as well as visiting new countries with his husband and trying different foods.

The Age of the Citizen Developer

The Developer Is Dead! Long Live the Developer! The roles of developers as we know them are not dying, but they are shrinking in their numbers. Does that sound crazy?…

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