Attention Hiring Managers: the IT Talent Shortage Is No Joke

Lila Nelms

Competitive landscape indeed! As the economy continues to do well and unemployment stays low, the demand for talent in the technical field remains high. Roles such as Senior System Administrators, Network Engineers, Desktop Technicians, and Developer positions are leading the pack with the longest hiring cycles to source and fill. Managers are frustrated with their skill gaps, and HR departments are overwhelmed with the task of locating the talent. We are no longer in the market where HR departments can “post and hope”—post their job opening on their career site and just hope the right candidate applies.

These days, organizations need to be more flexible in their hiring, creative in their outreach, and quick-acting in making timely hiring decisions. A strong hiring partner can assist in all these areas, reducing your time to hire by half. Time and again, we have customers come to us with a position that has been vacant for six months or more, and we find them a qualified person to hire within weeks.

What’s our secret? We are a dedicated, experienced recruiting team working alongside your management and HR team to proactively find the candidates you need. Our Staffing Services deliver:

  • Cost effectiveness—A dedicated staffing partner can provide access to talent you might not normally come across without the costs, daily time restraints, and pressures of recruitment. Our staffing programs are budget-friendly, customizable, and specific to your overall hiring goals.
  • Recruiters who know and speak IT—IT is fast-moving and changes on a daily basis, and you will benefit from the experience of working with qualified talent professionals who are dedicated to helping you optimize your ultimate hiring goals. You need a recruiting team that knows technology, current trends, lingo, and experience to cherry pick the right individuals with the actual experience you need.
  • Consultative approach—One size does not fit all. At Connection, we understand that each job role and job description is unique to your organization. We take the time to discuss all elements—technical requirements, soft skills, and desired knowledge—with the hiring manager and provide knowledge on current local market trends, what is realistic to hire, salary ranges, and SLAs to find and start the talent needed.
  • Reduced risk to hire—Our staffing programs all have guarantee models built in. Whether the need is for a consultant, contract-to-hire, or direct hire position, we are able to provide our clients with specific guarantee nets in the rare case a hire does not work out. The risk to hire can be costly from a sourcing and off-boarding perspective. A successful staffing partner can take away some of that worry and risk, as well as allowing you to ramp up or down for specific projects.

At Connection, we offer the following customizable talent-find programs:

  • Contract/Project Staffing—Guaranteed
    Find that specific skillset to fill an IT project, backfill, or skill opening for 30, 60, 90 days or more. We customize our hourly rate to your exact IT need, length of project, location, and budget.
  • Contract-to-Hire—No Conversion Fee
    We have a 90-working-day contract-to-hire program for any potential permanent need you may have. After the 90-working-day period, you would be able to hire on our consultant for no additional conversion fees.
  • Direct Hire—Cost Effective
    We offer direct hire services with the following budget-friendly options:

      • 16% conversion fee based on the permanent salary offered with a 30-day guarantee OR
      • 18% conversion fee based on the permanent salary offered with a 90-day guarantee
  • Payroll—Effortless Onboarding
    Found your own candidate but can’t hire them on yet? We can retain your candidate on our payroll for a small administration fee until you are ready to hire them on.

Connection is your go-to source to find the right people for all your projects. For more information, check out our IT Staffing page.

Lila is Vice President of Staffing Services for Connection with over 24 years of experience in consulting, staffing, hiring, and human resources. She is part of the National Staffing & Recruiting Industry Association (NSRIA), as well as the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Her hobbies include boating, interior decorating, and working with children and teaching.