Are You Ready for a VDI Initiative?

Our Video Will Help Get You Started

Justin Zuill

For anyone who has thought about VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure), this might be the perfect time to take it from idea to implementation. Of course to do it well, you’ll need to understand the security implications, mobility requirements, and promise of portability. So why now? Periods of forced market transitions often present an ideal opportunity to look at technology adoption.

With the looming retirement of Windows XP, organizations are reevaluating their desktop plans and preparing for a new future. Technologies like operating systems, platforms, devices, and the touch revolution may all influence the direction. With so many things under consideration, it may make sense to take a serious look at VDI. For those seeking benefits such as compliance and control, flexibility to users, and improved information security – VDI is proven to deliver results.

To help simplify the challenges around this technology, we invited a panel of experts to talk about VDI in a two part video series. Our guests from Forrester Research, Intel, Cisco, and Connection discuss important insights into VDI trends, the advantages Cisco UCS with Intel® Xeon® processors provide in the VDI environment, and how a trusted partner can help design and deliver virtualization to your organization.