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Single-Pane Management Pains Have a Remedy

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Data Center

The phrase “single pane of glass” is almost always included somewhere on the marketing slick for every piece of infrastructure management software. And the reason is obvious – because who in their right mind would choose to have IT administrators juggling multiple applications all day just to keep the lights on? As obvious as that may seem, the truth is that most data centers still require highly-specialized, on-site resources that are proficient with dozens of infrastructure technologies and the various management standards that govern each of them individually. Administrators are not looking though a single pane of glass, but rather through a kaleidoscope.

With the largest datacenter footprint in the world, Hewlett Packard Enterprise boasts a unique ability to unify existing assets and future infrastructure acquisitions under a single management architecture. As a result, end users are able to apply bleeding-edge software definition principals to much of the hardware that they already have in production while future proofing their environment from new or shifting management methodologies as they continue to expand and transform their data center.

HPE OneView is a software overlay that enables converged management and reduced infrastructure complexity via automation. Administrators can standardize IT operations using configuration templates to reliably deploy and revise server, storage, and networking profiles. As a result, the delivery of IT services to the business is streamlined and self regulated, reducing operating expenses and freeing up administrators to focus on true innovation.

The pressure on data centers to transform into an agile and proactive broker of business value is real and ever increasing, but there is only so much value that IT resources can provide when they are saddled with mounting operational burdens. And while hundreds of vendors develop solutions to remediate specific heartaches, what they inevitably represent is yet another disparate process for administrators to incorporate into their already too-complex environments.

HPE OneView unifies the management of server, storage, networking, and power infrastructure into a single tool that enables support for virtualization, cloud computing, big data, and mixed environments. As IT leaders define their own innovation strategy, they will need a steady and predictable management platform that does not cause them to take two steps back every time they try to step forward. It’s hard enough to look into the future and to have your vision for the data center realized. Near impossible to do it through a kaleidoscope.