A Seamless Combination of Mobility and Security

How HP Elite X3 Makes You More Efficient

Jeff Trent

Security is top of mind for everyone these days. With all the latest news of high-profile cyber attacks, it’s no wonder. Everyone needs to pay better attention to security – perhaps no one more than the federal government. And while staying secure remains a top priority, safety measures on your work machine can be counter-productive if they prevent you from working efficiently.

That’s where the HP Elite X3 comes in. It’s a mobile device, like your tablet or smartphone, that can also dock into a workstation and function just like a desktop. So your team stays productive in the office, in the field, and on the road. And as an added bonus, this device also boasts some of the most advanced security features on the market. Some of these features include:

  • Dual Biometric authentication with Iris recognition and Fingerprint reader
  • Qualcomm processor including secure boot, 128-bit key unified image encryption, 256-bit key Full Disk Encryption, Anti roll back and FTPM 2.0 security
  • Windows Continuum technology which provides a seamless desktop to mobile device transition – With the HP Elite X3 docking station, you can transfer from office to field without transferring information from one device to another

For more information, take a listen to our podcast, where Todd Gustafson, Vice President and General Manager for Public Sector Sales at HP, discusses the benefits of the HP Elite X3 in government agencies.