A Modern Way to Manage Windows 10

Rick Sabarese

Sometimes, something IT comes along that’s a real game changer. One that addresses those classic pain points that have been with us for so long that we can’t imagine them being replaced with a truly low-touch, simplified process. And then there are those lottery-win days where there are two solutions that complement one another in a manner that makes you do a proverbial double take.

I’m of course speaking about Microsoft Autopilot and VMware Workspace ONE. If you haven’t heard about them, or maybe don’t know the right things about them, let me take you through a quick overview on how they offer a truly modern way to manage your fleet of Windows 10 devices.

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Windows Autopilot

Windows Autopilot is a collection of technologies used to set up and pre-configure new devices—or reset, re-purpose, or recover existing ones. It’s quick, easy, and is as low touch as it gets.

VMware Workspace ONE

Workspace ONE is a digital workspace platform that provides unified endpoint management and a user access to apps on any device, across knowledge worker, LOB, high security, BYO, and more. And, like with Autopilot, it offers a simplified interface that’s easy to operate.

By combining these two technologies, they provide:

Workspace ONE Auto Enrollment

Once users log into a Windows 10 device—using their verified corporate credentials—it can be automatically on boarded into Workspace ONE and Azure Active Directory. This is done without any involvement from the IT team, providing the no-touch basis upon which the rest of the out-of-box process is built.

Dynamic Configurations and Installations

Employees need access to a host of different Windows applications, many of which are specific to their role within the organization. Autopilot, by way of Workspace ONE handles provisioning all of the applications required by the user to perform their role without IT intervention and on-demand.  Thus, deploying the tools end users need over the air in minutes. Furthermore, it can also implement applicable security policies and settings as defined, again, based on the user’s role.

Device Space Optimization

Not everything contained on a new Windows 10 device is going to be applicable to a user in a given position. Workspace ONE and Autopilot can automatically filter out large, and ultimately unnecessary, pieces of built-in software from initial deployments. This allows users to hit the ground running with the most nimble and agile version of their new device.

How Does it Work? 

Set Up:

  • Configure device IDs through the Microsoft Store for Business to prepare for Autopilot
  • A device running Windows 10 version 1703 (or later) is delivered to its user
  • the user powers on the device, connects to a network, and verifies their corporate credential


  • Automatically joins the device to either on-premise Active Directory or Azure Active Directory
  • Auto-enrolls the device into Workspace ONE
  • Restricts administrator account creation
  • Creates and auto-assigns devices to configuration groups based on the device’s profile
  • Customizes out-of-the-box content specific to the organization

Workspace ONE:

  • Dynamically configures all of the corporate policies
  • Removes unwanted applications
  • Installs all provisioned applications
  • Applies security settings based on the user’s role in the organization.

After first login, the Workspace ONE app catalog is available for use, and also provides password reset, access to BitLocker recovery, and device protection and remote wipe.

As you can see, using Workspace One with Windows 10 is modern way to manage your devices and provide users with on-demand applications, accessibility to corporate resources, and enhanced security.

Rick is Practice Director of the End-User Computing and Mobility Practice at Connection, Inc. with more than 26 years of experience in the IT industry. He is an expert in all things software, from productivity suites and email platforms to operating systems. In his free time, Rick enjoys mountain biking, bike building, and coaching soccer.