A Day in the Life of a Senior Business Process Analyst

Stu Hipwell

Q1: What does a Senior Business Process Analyst do?

The role of a Business Process Analyst is to identify and improve the processes and workflows within Connection. This involves analyzing data to understand how a process or workflow currently works and working with the business to determine the desired state of that process or workflow. In addition, a Business Process Analyst is also heavily involved with helping our leaders in Connection design new business processes and help support the change management, so the business is prepared for changes that impact their roles and responsibilities.

Q2: What skills are required to successfully do the job?

The skills that have helped me succeed in my role of Senior Business Process Analyst include:

  • Building great relationships with my peers and having a good understanding of the processes and workflows used within Connection
  • Having a strong knowledge of current business processes and workflows and how they impact our business
  • Asking lots of questions of my peers and analyzing data to help determine how business processes and workflows can be improved, become more efficient, or be automated
  • Having strong interpersonal and communication skills and building “trust” with the business teams I work closely with
  • Attention to detail when creating procedure documents, process maps, and reports that play a critical role in helping the business adapt to change

Q3: Can you describe a typical day in your role as a Senior Business Process Analyst?

My role is currently a little bit different than other Business Process Analysts at Connection. For the past four years, I have taken on the role of Administrator of Connect, our internal corporate intranet. In this role, no day is “typical,” which makes the role exciting. On any given day, I could be posting informative news and announcements on our site, collaborating with teams to build resourceful site pages, training and assisting peers with managing their content on our intranet, and creating and sharing best practices to promote the integrity and credibility of Connect. 

Q4: What’s the best part of your job? What’s most challenging?

The best part of my job is being able to collaborate regularly with so many of my peers in Connection that I would rarely work with if I were in another role.

The most challenging part of my job is successfully managing my time to meet the needs of the business. In my Administrator role, no day is like the one before. Some days require me to quickly shift gears to meet a spontaneous or high priority request, which can often change the view of my day. On other days, the times I have dedicated to projects I need to complete, carry on without any issues. The role keeps me on my toes! 

Q5: What do you love most about working at Connection?

I have been with Connection since 1994, and in that time, I have had the opportunity to wear a few different hats in the organization: Account Manager, Sales Manager, Sales Operations, and Business Transformation. I love that my journey at Connection has allowed me to gain several business and personal skills and build amazing relationships with so many of my peers—many of which are like family to me.

Stu Hipwell is a Senior Business Process Analyst at Connection. He brings over 29 years of experience at Connection in IT Sales and Sales Management, Sales Operations, and Business Transformation. In his downtime, Stu can be found outdoors with his family on a long hike, a relaxing day at the ocean, or exploring any local hot spot. He is a huge advocate for dog rescues and loves bringing his rescue dog, Harper, on all the family adventures.