5 Tips for Futureproofing Your Network

Contributing Writer

Upgrading your network can seem like a daunting task when you need to consider new demands like cloud computing, tablets, smartphones, and around-the-clock usage. Here are some insights on today’s networking challenges and 5 tips to stay ahead of the curve as your networking needs grow and expand.

  1. Understand the demands that adopting new technologies will put on your network – For example, as everyone moves to adopt cloud computing, it’s good to be aware that the cloud brings with it some security risks, as well as more demands on the network itself. Your network will need to be fast because data has to travel over an Internet connection and be available all the time.
  2. Have line-of-sight to everything on your network at all times – So much is being done over the Web today that 24 x 7 management of the network is just about imperative. You need to know what’s on your network, so you can deal with bottlenecks without affecting workflow.
  3. Be aware of the obstacles your network faces, so you can develop ways to work around them – You need to be aware of what’s on your network; make sure you have a way to stay on top of adding new users and hardware. And you’ll need to find a way to run updates and change out hardware while the network is running, so your end-users aren’t affected.
  4. HP Networking has solutions that simplify your network – HP Networking offers a product called Intelligent Management Center (IMC), which allows you to manage everything on your network from a single pane of glass.
  5. Work on futureproofing your network right now – Remember that the core of your network is soon going to be your edge; make sure you can reposition your current networking devices instead of ripping them out and starting over when you need to upgrade.

To learn more about futureproofing your network, we’re standing by. Connection can help you assess and upgrade your network.